Why choose Empower Business Solutions for Business Coaching?

Choosing a business advisor can be a difficult process with a wrong choice and poor advice costing you many times their fee. There are some key questions to ask any business advisor.

1. How knowledgeable are you about small business?

Empower’s Answer: Dr Greg Chapman has written a number of books on small business. His first “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success” is internationally recognised and was a finalist in the Indie Business Book Awards and has become a small business best seller. He is regularly published in the media and is a sought after expert by journalists on small business matters. Highly regarded professional organisations also request Dr Chapman to present to their members at their conferences. His knowledge has been based on almost a decade of working directly with hundreds of small business owners and prior to that running large businesses for others.

2. What qualifications do you have for providing advice to business owners?

Empower’s Answer: Dr Greg Chapman has the following qualifications and memberships:

  • Ph.D. from Melbourne University
  • M.B.A. from Deakin University
  • Certified Master Coach from Behavioral Coaching Institute
  • Diploma Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Council of Small Business of Australia
  • International Coaching Council

3.. How do you approach coaching with your clients?

Empower’s Answer: The approach used is strategic, based on the proven principles of his best selling book “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success”.  This involves a review of the fundamentals of the business before deciding on any course of action. Tactical approaches may give a short term boost, but are unsustainable. Long term growth is only achievable if the fundamentals of a business are properly in place. The 5 Pillars of business success:

1.  The Business Plan to protect and grow your business
2.  The Marketing Strategy to increase profits
3.  The Business Management System to control the business
4.  Motivation to get the most from people within the business and
5.  Accountability and discipline of the owners to make it all happen.

Empower uses a structured process, customised for each client, that addresses each of the 5 Pillars that covers everything from Systems to Sales. While every business is different, the typical process is as follows:

  1. Create a model for your business that enables an analysis of its Financial, Market and Service structure.
  2. Determine strategies that will achieve the desired results.
  3. Work on each of the strategies to deliver the results.

4. What kind of results have you achieved?

Empower’s Answer: The following are just a brief summary of the results achieved with Empowers coaching methodology:

“increased sales by 400%”
“doubled our sales conversion rate”
“100% increase in gross profit”
“enquiries increased by 50%”
“increase chargeable rate by 400%”

Details of these results and can be found on the Testimonials and Case Studies pages.

Or find out how to directly apply and implement these strategies into your business and achieve your goals by requesting a Complimentary Business Evaluation now.