In just two months since meeting with Dr Greg Chapman, of Empower Business Solutions, I have increased my sales in the slow section of my business by a whopping 400%. Initially I was sceptical that such results were possible. But Greg’s approach to marketing and business planning has totally transformed my business as a whole.  I particularly liked the fact that the strategies he created were designed specifically for my business and not some generic ideas from a manual. They were low cost and easy to implement one step at a time. At the end of my final consultation, he left me with an action plan that will probably take me a year to implement fully. But if the remaining strategies work even half as well as the ones I have already put in place, I will never be short of customers again!  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIS ASSISTANCE TO ANY BUSINESS!!

Des Kennedy, PhotoFinish

In the last month we have had more sales than in the previous six as a result of implementing the strategies you have suggested since we started working together. Thanks Greg!

Paul Upton- Upton Engineering

Update: Paul has just made the Australian Financial Review Fast 100 List.

Within three months of working with Dr Greg Chapman I have been able to increase my turnover by 50% and I expect it to double in the next year. My business mindset has totally changed as has the way I handle potential clients and the way I operate my business. If you are seeking similar results, I highly recommend Dr Chapman’s services.

Cory Hull, MJ Landscaping

Just checked our results from the last month, and our sales conversion rates have tripled! All due to the redesign of our Sales Pipeline by Dr Greg Chapman. Thanks Greg for all your help!

Caroline Chaplin, Rooms With Style


I have just completed the business coaching course with Greg and our company have already won two significant projects, both worth over $50,000 in value by utilising the strategies we have been working on. These strategies and systems were specific to our engineering business to use going forward which will (and already have) been of great value. Thanks again to Greg and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services to help grow anyone’s business!

Andrew Thomas, Invent Design

I have been working with Greg for 3 months now, in this short space of time I have completely revised my sales pipeline and how I communicate our value to potential clients. I have gained much more understanding around the current profit margin of my business, the actual cost of the services I provide and then with this information on how to create a budget and plan to increase the profit margin. With this plan I have increased all of my prices and for one particular service I have quadrupled the price and doubled the engagement rate! Already this has a very positive impact on my bottom line. In this short space of time I have gained so much insight into my own business and strategies to get it to where I would like it to be within the next 12 months.. and probably beyond! I cannot recommend Greg’s coaching enough

Jane Hilliard – Designful

Hi Greg, Seems like we needed a pep talk. Last six months have been consistently 15-17 sales per month. Approx 4 solar sales per week. After your brainstorm with the team on Friday, they sold 8 over the weekend!

Kash Partridge, True North Solar

Since working with Greg I have learnt how to present my services as a premium painter and how to lift my prices accordingly. My margins are at least 65% higher, some double. Greg also showed me how to present my quotes and how to get the sale even though my prices are higher! For anyone struggling with their prices and profitability, I highly recommend Dr Greg Chapman’s business coaching services.

Toby Potter, Potter’s Premium Painting

One of my manufacturing clients achieved a 4-fold increase in orders coming through their door, in quite a short time, after they applied Greg’s strategic marketing advice. So, I’m more than happy to recommend Greg to other small-medium enterprises that are looking for a similar boost.

Dennis Keay – Lean Logic

Before working with Dr Greg Chapman, I had ideas I did not know how to implement and objectives I could not achieve. I had been running my own business for eight years with a staff of 15 and had hit a plateau. Since I started working with Greg a few months ago, we have doubled our sales conversion rate and have built sales and marketing systems I wish I had in place years ago. We have a detailed marketing strategy and plan, with both short and long term goals, that gives me the confidence that we will double our sales next year. I feel really empowered and in control for the first time because of the knowledge and support Greg has given me. If you are serious about making a difference in your business, you must get Greg to show you how.

Lilly Kukuljan, Six Degrees South Health & Fitness Centre

Greg, What a year! I have done a profit analysis for the two calendar halves of the year. 100% increase in Gross Profit. Revenue in line with forecast. Hired two new staff. The big improvement has been the ability for me to know where my money is and how best to spend it! Thanks for all your help!

Ray Verati – Verve Project Management Pty Ltd


  What I liked about Dr Greg Chapman’s coaching program was it was tailored specifically for our business, and was not at all generic. It was also very convenient for us in our remote location using internet technology which made it irrelevant that his base was nowhere near where we lived.

The coaching was very practical and showed us how to analyse our business and how to understand it from our clients’ perspective. This has completely changed our mindset. As a result our enquires have already increased by 50% and we have halved our cost per sale. I am confident that we will now achieve our business objectives.

Bianca Scaife, Cooper Scaife Architects

Thank you for agreeing to be the expert for the Growing Your Business article for the Victorian Government through Business Victoria. Interviewing you and gaining your insightful tips to write the article was a pleasure and I am sure many businesses will benefit from your generous time and wisdom.

Sharon Copeland-Smith – Business Victoria


As the owner of a professional services business, I was finding my business was depending mostly on me in spite of having administrative support. But after working with Dr Chapman, I have been able to increase my capacity by 30% simply by implementing the business systems that Greg suggested. I am now able to increase my billable hours and spend more time working on my business, as I choose. I found the monthly updates between our workshops good discipline. I also liked being able to get Greg’s opinion on new initiatives as I developed them, or being able to contact him when I needed to and address issues as they arose. I highly recommend Greg’s service for other business owners looking to make their business less dependent on them.

Steve Grimes, Plan Cost Australia

Thanks to Dr Greg Chapman’s coaching, we now truly understand the mechanics of business and that it’s not OK to do a good job for less than it’s worth. We now know day-by-day, how to make it work, how to increase prices without losing customers, control our staff and make them more accountable, and to create a hard edge structured sales process that produces the results we want. We now have the confidence in making the critical decisions with the tools and training he has provided. We highly recommend Greg’s business coaching services.

Louise Hedges – Customer Centre Plus

Amazing results!  In just a few months of working with Dr Chapman I have been able to increase my chargeable hourly rate by a massive 400%. The exciting thing is, the clients I now work with don’t have an issue with price point, they recognise the value in my services and happily engage.”

Greg Fellows – Dynamic Business & Training Solutions

Before attending Dr Greg Chapman’s Five Pillars Business Owner Success Workshop, I was stuck in the detail and could not see where I was going. In just 1 day I was able to see the big picture, set goals and plans to achieve them. Things are now going so well that my my turnover is up 25% or more, and it is now starting to get ridiculous! Even in a recession.(Note to self- time to put up my prices.) I highly recommend Greg’s workshop to anyone who is serious in fixing their

Stuart Garner, Plumbfast

Since starting to work with Dr Greg Chapman as my Business Coach, my eyes have been opened to the wider business community and how business should be done and strategies I hadn’t even considered before. For example, I had a website for 2 years that was invisible, and after following Greg’s advice, I was on the front page of Google in a week in all my key areas. The ideas Greg has for promoting my business are just fantastic and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is serious in growing their business.

Scott Ellis, Ausdraft

Find out further information on what will make your businesses a success when you request a Free Preview copy of The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

Before working with Empower Business Solutions, I thought I had a business. But now I realise it was more of a job with staff and overheads, and it was unsustainable in its previous form. My business was not producing the results to justify all my hard work. Dr Greg Chapman showed me how to focus on business principles to make it a successful business and how to make it grow. I was able to put in place systems that allowed me to focus on what was most important in the business, leaving to others work that they could do. I have rethought my relationships with my employees who now are more focussed on the things that will take my business to where I want it to go. I now know where my business is going and how I am going to get there. If you are working too many hours and not achieving the results you know you deserve, get Greg to show you how to turn your business around.

Martin Speller, Speller Construction

Hi Greg- our Google Ranking after 2 weeks:

  • “hiking gear central victoria”  Number 1
  • “travel gear central victoria”  Number 1
  • “hiking gear victoria” Number 3
  • “travel gear victoria” Number 1
  • “hiking gear horsham” Number 1
  • same for shepparton, kyneton, echuca and most other towns in our keywords.
  • “backpacks central victoria” Number 1 & 2

absolutely unbloody believable

cheers steve

Steve McKimmie, Outbound Camping, Bendigo

When we started working with Empower Business Solutions, all we were initially looking for was to develop a successful marketing program. Greg’s breadth of experience meant that we ended up not only focussed on marketing but also addressed issues in other parts of our business. Normally, if you bring in a marketing company, all you get is marketing- no matter where the problem is. His approach is to start at the heart of the business, so you are always aligned with your goals. Greg doesn’t skirt around the issues- he will tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. I also appreciated his flexibility in how we worked together. I now feel that we are set up for the future.

Jeff Trembath, JNJ Electrics

The business coaching sessions by Dr Greg Chapman gave me great clarity for my future direction, and while addressing my business fundamentals , they were also very practical. His sessions were time friendly- flexible but structured and disciplined. They were very user friendly. I now know not only who I want to deal with, but also who I don’t want as a customer. Much of the knowledge he passed on to me, I am now able to pass on to my clients. I have been able to increase my rates and can now package my services to increase my income. I am now able to offer expanded services to my clients based now on a better understanding of their needs. I highly recommend Greg to anyone who wants to increase their business productivity and profit.

Gabrielle Jenkins, Onbalance Bookkeeping

I found Greg Chapman’s mentoring process invaluable. When we set up our Marketing, Operations and Administrations systems for our business according to Greg’s guidance, we found they worked extremely well and saved us lots of time. His advice on budgeting was immensely useful. While this was not a marketing program, I found this part of Greg’s mentoring highly innovative and learnt many new things about how we should approach our clients, the value of the services we provide, and about structuring our website. Even though the process is challenging, it is a must for any owner seeking to develop their business. 

Graeme Parsons, TfT Communications (Darwin)

Your advice during the first year of LEA has been invaluable. You have greatly assisted me to successfully jump the very difficult first hurdle – The Start Up Hurdle.

Arthur Pitsas, Land Engineering Australia

Greg Chapman knows his business. Greg met with me for three hours to examine my long term, medium term and short term goals. He encouraged me to write them down and then proceeded to turn those goals into specifics and priorities. We worked on the areas that I have been avoiding and he gave me strategies to do something about them AND DEADLINES. The meeting was so powerful that I could not wait to attack those things that I had been procrastinating about. They had completely shifted in my mind. I would have no hesitation recommending this pleasant, powerful man to any small to medium business owner who wants to become empowered in their business.

Judith Field, Direct Speech

Find out further information on what will make your businesses a success when you request a Free Preview copy of The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

or request a Complimentary Business Evaluation and find out how you can implement these strategies into your business now.


What People are saying about our
Courses & Seminars


Hi Greg, I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. I think I learnt more last night in an hour and a half than any book I’ve read so far. Annie Bracey – Refined PM

We have been to many business seminars and workshops over the years and found that the information, whilst good, was generally not presented with a real understanding of small business and lacked the follow up and accountability that we needed to successfully implement the information.

At the business retreat we not only received excellent information, but also the opportunity to instantly see how it directly benefited our business. We gained invaluable feedback, assistance and accountability from Dr Greg Chapman and the other small business owners who, in this setting, became a very effective “Board of Directors”.

The ongoing communication and support services available to us after the workshop is unique and will have a major impact on our ability to achieve our goals for the future of our business.

Geoff & Sherryl-Lee Secomb – Geoff Secomb Music

The quality of the information was excellent.
The presenter was excellent, made sense and seemed knowledgeable and credible.

What I liked best was the informal atmosphere and the variety of businesses. Some good ideas were thrown around and the content of the workshop for me filled in the missing ingredient of all the e-myth, time management types. I have been trying to build a good pet shop (and falling short) instead I now see I need to work toward getting what I have working well but at the same time marketing. I believe I now have the tools to achieve both.

Kevin Hancock – Pets World, SA

Greg’s weekend retreat was essential for me to re-establish my direction and drive towards my business. I think any small to medium business owner that has ‘Plateaued’ should attend and come to a realisation of how their business could flourish and how much an asset they are to their business. Thanks Greg

Robert Ameer – Opulent Homes

The seminar was an eye opener to how I need to manage my business more efficiently instead of it running me. Great information. Necessary Brain Food for success.

Anthony Bortoli, BDC

Find out further information on what will make your businesses a success when you request a Free Preview copy of The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.


The seminar was very thought provoking and made me question the way I run my business and makes me want to take the business to the next level.

Simon Brownhill, SRB Management Group

The seminar gave me some good ideas for the recreation of our business plan and our strategic plan. It was informative and useful. It gave me some push for business growth and increase in productivity. It was motivational and useful.

Karen & Philip Lloyd, Build Betta

I found the course and handouts very thoroughly prepared and professionally presented. Greg’s presentation was excellent and content very informative.

Margaret Taylor, Mythographe

A good introduction to reality!

Peter Binks, Binks Building Solutions

Greg, your presentation was very informative & thorough and professionally presented. I look forward to you helping me take my business to the next level.

James Ioannidis, Delaware Homes

Very informative. I felt the information & suggested thoughts & processes very useful in all areas of life & work!!

Michele Cox, Greenview Carpentry

Well worth while. Some excellent ideas to implement.

Catherine McAlpine, Central Home Constructions

It was very sobering to have some points highlighted that were not obvious to me. A great presenter and the material was very interesting.

Andrew Colaluca, Cola Constructions

Dr Greg is like a GP doctor who identifies the problems and offers solutions to improve our business.

Harry Nguyen, Northwind Group

Find out further information on what will make your businesses a success when you request a Free Preview copy of The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

or request a Complimentary Business Evaluation and find out how you can implement these strategies into your business now.