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Davin: Could you tell me the type of layout of a business plan e.g. chapters and how to go about them please?

EBS: I have listed below the chapters you would find in a typical Business Plan. The SWOT analysis and Market Strategy are the central part of any business plan. I give a general description of this in our free eBook The Four Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

Business Plan Outline:

  • Business Description Overview
  • Goals and Objectives of the Business
  • Key Strategies for Success
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Market Strategy
  • Operating Strategy
  • Human Resource Strategy
  • Research & Development Strategy
  • Business Plan Milestone Schedule
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Five Year Financial Plan


Andrew: How could I get capital to build a display site while I have no financials? As I have only been operating for under a year.

EBS: Andrew, there are a number of considerations, the first of which is how much you want to raise and whether you are offering any other security- as this defines the financial market you are looking at. Your own history and capabilities are also highly relevant. The fact that you only have been operating for a year does not preclude you raising capital- but it probably means you are not looking at bank finance. Remember, people lend money to people, not businesses!

Whatever is your target financial market, you will need a business/investment plan. The financiers will look at this and you and decide whether the risks are acceptable.

Jennifer: I am planning to open a delicatessen (Coles, Woolworths have taken over this bus. with poor quality). Do you have any direct experience with the delicatessen industry and are any of your teaching aids specific to delicatessen?

EBS: Jennifer, if your request is about how to operate a delicatessen, you will know more than we ever will about delicatessens, but if your question is about how to operate small retail businesses and the marketing of your business, we can certainly help.

If the latter is the case, please contact us and we will contact you to arrange a free consultation on how small business systems and marketing strategies can give your new business a massive kick start!

Steph: Is there a template for a business plan I can follow as each book and website I read has different topics in the plan?

EBS: In answer to your question about business plans, there is no unique structure of a plan, but the central piece of any plan is the goal setting, and risk analysis. Empower Business Solutions has developed its own Business Plan Template, and you can find out more about it here. You can also download our (free) eBook, to find out more detail on the business planning process. We also offer a Business Planning consultation service, and also offer a range of business owner tools for the small business owner.

If you have a business or marketing question, ask Dr Chapman on our Solution LineTM  today.

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