Find out by answering the following questions…

  • Are you converting at least 80% of in-coming enquiries or walk in traffic into profitable sales?
  • Have you got a good return on your investment from your marketing?
  • Are you able to take off time & still make money from your business?
  • Is your business growing the way you want?
  • Is your business an asset you could sell?
  • Are you happy with the returns you’re getting for the time and effort you are putting into your business? If you are not consistently receiving at least 25% return after your salary, the answer to this question should be NO!

If the answer to any of the above questions is no… will you continue to try the same things over & over again expecting something different to happen? Or will you do something about it by acting to make a change for the better?

Is this you?

  • Do You work harder and longer hours than your staff for less pay?
  • Do You want to improve Your Business but can’t seem to find the time?
  • Do You wonder why Your Business has stopped growing?
  • Are you dependent on declining Word-of-Mouth?
  • Has Your Business, after growing for a few years, started to plateau?
  • Do you look at other successful businesses & wonder how to get Your Business to the Next Level?
  • Has your business taken over your life? Do you really just own a job with overheads?
  • Are you looking for an Exit Door from Your Business?

The 7 Steps to Success

If You are a Business Owner seeking to learn:

  • How to Multiply Your Profits
  • How to get more customers
  • How to reduce the time you have to spend in the business
  • How to make your business run without you

The 7 Step Empower Business Solutions Program has the answer for you.

  1. Profitability Analysis – Identify the gold mines and black holes in your business
  2. Market Segmentation – Alignment of your profit centres with your market
  3. Create a Profit, Pricing and Sales Plan – Building your desired wage into your invoices!
  4. Market Strategy – Finding and attracting people who want to buy, what you want to sell, at the price you want to charge.
  5. Sales Pipeline -Developing a high converting and efficient sales strategy
  6. Operating Strategy – Making Your Business Run without You
  7. Supporting Your Success – Unlimited – as you need it!

Every business is different and the program is customised to meet the owner’s needs.

Often businesses have a significant turnover with little profit, or their business may be doing quite well, but they just want to know how to:

Multiply Your Profits and Make Your Business Run Without You

So request your Complimentary Business Evaluation now.

How this Program Shows You How to Make More Money
While Working Less

How much money should your
business be making?

The Empower Business Solutions programs are bottom line focused. Dr Chapman says: “The bottom line is always the bottom line.” Because of this the programs always start with the financial structure of the business to see what is really working and what is not.

Very often there are hidden pots of profit obscured by cross subsidised losses. Too often, businesses are addicted to Profitless Turnover. This analysis of the financial structure then provides the basis of determining the future opportunities lie. (Dr Chapman does not belong to the school of coaching that believes the coach never advises their clients.)

Once the opportunities are identified, the coaching process moves to developing strategies to capture these opportunities. While the Empower Business Solutions coaching process is well defined and proven [link to testimonial page in another window], utilising the basic principles from Dr Greg Chapman’s best selling book The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success, [link in another window to the Pillars site] as every business has different opportunities, the emphasis and priority will be different for each.

While not the first priority for every business, the initial analysis usually identifies Marketing Strategy as the next step. Although this might be evident from the start, without the initial analysis of the business profit structure, bad marketing decisions can and will be made. During this stage of the coaching, once the strategy has been developed, the next steps are to create a marketing system that produces a predictable, controllable and measurable stream of the right kind of customers. This includes the development of a Sales Pipeline. Just having a great sales pipeline can double your sales on its own. Find out more about Marketing Strategy ……

Once sales have been increased, the biggest priority is how to mange the increased business, and there is a need to start focussing on business systems. Ideally you should already have these, but we don’t live in an ideal world, and we tend to wait until the need arises before we take action. Without systems, it is not possible to give work to others and the business is depends on you being there every day. When you are not there, nothing happens! Find out more about Business Systems ……

We work one-on-one with you and your staff (as appropriate) to:

  • Create an action plan for Your Business
  • Identify strategies & opportunities to multiply Your Profits
  • Show You can make Your Business more efficient & less dependent on You
  • Show You how you can get the most from Your staff
  • Show You how to create an asset You can sell
  • Provide advice & support to overcome obstacles
  • Hold You accountable for Your Plan

We can also offer customised one-on-one workshops with you and your staff in a range of areas. Some of the workshops we offer are:

  • Setting and Achieving Your Business Goals
  • Managing Your Business
  • Organising Your Business Structure so Your Business can run without You
  • Analysing & Reorganising your Workflow Process for greater efficiency
  • Creating Business Systems to save you time and money
  • Defining your Unique Selling Proposition to increase your sales
  • Defining your Sales Pipeline to multiply your sales success
  • How to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Sales
  • Targeting Your Best Buyers
  • Creating a Customer Relationship System for Your Business
  • Getting the most from your people

These can be specifically tailored to your needs or new workshops created for the particular problems that face Your Business.

If you are unsure if this program is right for you, request a Complimentary Business Evaluation and find out how to:

Multiply Your Profits and Make Your Business Run Without You

Who we help

  • We work directly with the Owner(s)
  • Most of our private coaching clients have been in business for a number of years
  • From soletrader professionals to businesses with up to 20 employees
  • Turnover of most our private clients range from $200,000-$5,000,000
  • Most of our clients’ businesses sell to services either to other businesses or consumers
  • Our private coaching clients are either in late Youth, Growing Pains or Maturity in their Business Lifecycle

While this describes a typical client, we often work with other businesses who find that our philosophy, knowledge and style is right for them.

Do you have 1-2 hours a week to develop your business? If so, request a Complimentary Business Evaluation now.

If you are so busy that you that you don’t have the time, then consider this: If your goal is to increase Your Income by, say, $100,000 this year, and if you spent 2 hours a week to do this, you would be earning $1000 per hour during that time. Now answer the question again- could you find the time to develop your business? Could you afford to pay someone else to do some of the “grunt work” you are currently doing yourself? Could you afford to hire someone to show you how to achieve your goal?

During Your Business Evaluation, we will ask a series of questions about your business. We will then suggest strategies that you should pursue to achieve your business goals. Even if we do not work together, it is our objective that after our evaluation You & Your Business will be better off.

We will personally identify key areas in your business in which you can increase your profitability by up to 35% in the next three months. We will suggest improvements that will increase your sales within your existing advertising budget.

We will suggest ways that you can increase your effectiveness and reduce your business’ dependence on You.

How Empower provides its Coaching Services

Empower Business Solutions has clients from across Australia. The coaching is provided by Dr Greg Chapman directly, but because of the geographical spread of his clients, it is clearly not possible to meet face-to-face with most. Dr Chapman uses the power of the internet during coaching workshops so that you can see the materials he uses on your computer screen, and, indeed, see him. This same technology also enables you to share your documents.

Dr Chapman does travel, at some clients’ request, but for most, this technology saves them money, even for clients in Melbourne where he is based.

The workshops generally are an hour once per week, with full support during the week as you complete your ‘homework’. You are also provided with many tools and templates that you can use directly in your business.

If you are unsure if this program is right for you, request a Complimentary Business Evaluation and find out how to:

Multiply Your Profits and Make Your Business Run Without You