How would you like to have a panel of advisors who each month were able to provide you advice on how you can achieve your business goals?

Large businesses have boards of directors and medium sized ones have Advisory Boards to provide ideas from outside the business and to hold the executives and/or owners to account. These boards drive businesses to reach the goals that the owners set.

No business grows to any size without this kind of support.

Most small business owners would love to be able to have that resource, but with the going rate of just a single non-executive director between $50-100k per year, that is just impossible. Even a small advisory board for medium businesses meeting only quarterly would require an investment of more than $100k annually.

Who is helping You Pilot Your Ship?

What if you could meet monthly with your peers to discuss the issues you faced in your business in a structured, confidential environment that provides you the advice you want, the support you need and hold you to account, for just the cost of your morning tea each day, and less than the cost of the time for any individual in the room with you.

How much more could you achieve this year with that kind of advice and support?

How it works

Once a month for half a day, you and up to 10 of your peers will join with myself, your boardroom chairman, to discuss the issues that matter for your business, get advice on the strategies that will make a difference, and hold you to account for your progress.

Who it is for

Participants will be Melbourne based small business owners seeking to take their business to the next level. It is not for start-ups, unless the business is not the first one the owner has operated.

Next Steps

If you would like to find out more, please contact me here.

Or find out how to directly apply and implement these strategies into your business and achieve your goals by requesting a Complimentary Business Evaluation now.

 by Helen Chapman


May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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