Selling Smarter with a Sales Pipeline

The future of your business depends on the answer to these questions.

  • How many enquiries do you convert to sales?
  • What is your cost per sale?
  • What would happen if your top sales person left tomorrow?
  • How many sales will you make next month?
  • How easy is it for you to answer these questions?

Smarter selling is not about sales tricks your sales staff might use to close the sale, but about everything you do before then to prepare your customer for the sale.Sales techniques, while important, are not the biggest opportunity for most businesses to increase their sales. It is about selling smarter, not harder.

Here is the world’s best known sales secret: On average, most sales people are average. If you do have a sales superstar, pretty soon they work out you need them more than they need you, and unless you meet their increasing demands, they will leave.

Empower’s philosophy is to invest in an excellent Sales Pipeline so that even average sales people produce excellent results. This becomes an asset for your business, irrespective of who is on your sales team at any given time.


 The purpose of constructing a Sales Pipeline is to:

  • Document every step of your sales process,
  • Define the systems supporting each step,
  • Identify required actions and follow-up,
  • Increase the performance of all sales staff to best practice level,
  • Make staff replacement easier by providing an effective training system for new staff,
  • Determine the Cost per Sale
  • Identify opportunities for sales performance improvement,

and most critical of all, to enable the business to predict the health of their business by examining the value at each stage of their Sales Pipeline. Firstly, you must understand the numbers in your Sales Pipeline, and then the economics of your Sales Pipeline.

Empower offers a Sales Pipeline consulting service that will provide a new sales standard for your business through strategic selling.  

Find out how to directly apply and implement these strategies into your business and achieve your goals by requesting a Complimentary Business Evaluation now.