Pricing Strategy Consulting


How much should you charge? For many businesses, the answer is a bit more than it costs to produce the product or deliver the service. This is called Cost Plus pricing. Quite often, businesses don’t even include all the costs they should in this calculation, so that each sale is actually a cost to their business over the course of a year.

The answer successful businesses give is: “As much as the market will bear”. This approach to Pricing Strategy decouples the production cost from Price and connects it to Value.

In this interview with Dr Greg Chapman, he explains his approach to Pricing Strategy:

Dr Greg Chapman on Price on
Michael Schildberger’s
Business Essentials Program

(8 mins)


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Dr Greg Chapman has literally written the book on Price. “Price: How to Charge More without Losing Sales” contains 57 different price  increase strategies which he also customises for his private clients. Strategies such as Price Anchoring, Packaging Value, using Guarantees and Options, Segmentation and many more.

To discover more about Greg’s pricing secrets, either order his book here, or request a Complimentary Business Evaluation now and ask him how these strategies could be customised for your business.