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You just made a Sale

The 5 most beautiful words in the English language for a business owner are probably “You just made a Sale”. It almost certainly puts a smile on your face whenever you get an email from your website, a call from your sales staff, or even hear it from a customer that you just made a sale. But do you hear those words as often as you would like? The road between an enquiry and a sale can often look more like a dirt track, rather than a 6 lane highway.

The effort required to traverse this road, or sales pipeline, is dependent on how well it’s paved. Has the journey for the enquirer be properly prepared? Have directions been provided that ensure that the buyer doesn’t get lost along the way? Do you provide them a sat nav so that they can see their final destination?

A well paved sales pipeline:

  • Removes tyre kickers early
  • Prepares the prospect for the sale
  • Makes the sale before the close
  • Is well structured and tested so each step provides an optimal outcome
  • Gives the prospect activities to do
  • Requalifies at every step
  • Increases commitment at each step
  • Measures every step
  • Is fully documented
  • Provides full reporting of results

Such a sales pipeline then becomes an excellent training tool for sales staff, and provides a tool for performance measurement, improvement and maintenance of best practice.

On average, most sales people are average, but with an excellent sales pipeline, even average sales people can produce excellent results.

Other benefits of an excellent sales pipeline include predictability of results, which enables better planning for your business. Knowing when, for example, to increase production and increase staffing levels.

So rather than waiting to hear the words “You just made a sale”, you know how many sales you will have, and when you will have them, before those words are ever uttered. And that will really put a smile on your face.