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You can run half as fast, but you must run

When seeking to improve their marketing game, business owners often look to the best and feel daunted. They believe “I can never be as good as top professional marketers. I don’t have the money or the knowledge to compete.”

You really don’t have to be the best. Consider the story of the two trekkers in the jungle. As they were walking they heard a huge roar. When turning around they saw a very large lion coming towards them. They both started to run, then one of them stopped and changed his jungle boots for runners. The other trekker said: “You will never outrun the lion.” The first trekker said: “I don’t need to- I only need to outrun you.”

In most markets, you don’t have to be the top marketer. In small business there is plenty of market for the taking and since most small businesses are lousy marketers, you only have to be half lousy and you will outrun them.

Concentrate on the basics- define your best buyers and your points of difference. Focus on the Five Profit Drivers:

-Increasing your Enquiries
-Increasing the Conversion to Sales
-Increasing the Average Value per Sale
-Increasing the Number of times a Customer Buys
-Increasing the Margin per Sale

When you do all these things consistently, you will not only outrun your competitors, you will become the lion.

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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