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Will you be there when the planets align?

Some people believe when the planets align, that the world will end. (While planet alignment is rare, it happens fairly regularly, so I think we can ignore that.) Others believe that the extra gravitation pull can result in earthquakes and other violent phenomena, but there is little evidence of that either, although you may see some unusually high tides.

Still others believe that the alignment of the planets can cause craziness amongst humans, although I wonder how you could tell the difference. Whatever you believe, I like to think of the alignment of the planets as a special event when a series of coincidences occur that change people’s behaviours.

Compare this with the factors in the life of your customers. Perhaps you sell security doors. You might advertise, do letterbox drops, even doorknock in neighbourhoods with high crime rates, and most people will not consider it necessary. They believe it is too expensive and they think their existing security is adequate.

Then they are burgled and lose a lot of their possessions. The police visit and point out the poor security of their house, and suggest they get a security door.

The occupants now decide after this terrible experience, to get a security door. So will they call you? Will they remember you? Or will they just go to Google and call someone at random. These are the very same people who had said no or ignored your offers and advice every time there was a contact, either direct or indirect in the past. Now they are in the market, ready to buy, and where are you?

You didn’t KNOW this would happen, although it was certainly possible and you definitely didn’t know when it would happen.

As you don’t know when the planets will align in your buyers lives, you must stay Top-of-Mind so that when they are ready, they think of you first. That is, you need to maintain contact in some way that is not considered intrusive or unwelcome until they are ready.

What are you doing to be Top-of-Mind and ready when your buyers’ planets align?

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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