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Who is faster – Usain Bolt or Stephen Kiprotich?

Everyone has heard of Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. Yes? But who is Stephen Kiprotich? He is the winner of the 2012 Olympic marathon.

Clearly Bolt would be fastest in a 100m sprint and would break the ribbon with Kiprotich just leaving the blocs, and it is likely that Bolt would still be in front 100m later or perhaps even a km. However, by this time Kiprotich would be starting to make some gains and Bolt would be tiring. A few km’s further, he may have caught up, as Bolt was starting to struggle. By now Kiprotich would be just getting into his stride with Bolt starting to fall behind. A few km more, and Kiprotich would far ahead be out of Bolt’s sight.

Bolt is only the fastest man in the world over short distances. Compare the sizes of the two men. Bolt is 1.96m tall and 86 kg. Kiprotich is 1.72m tall and 56 kg. One is built for power, and the other for endurance. The hare and the tortoise.

The difference between power and endurance is also evident in marketing. Some businesses spend a lot of money in advertising in order to generate a lot of short term sales or perhaps by funding a massive tele-marketing campaign. This is power marketing. If you spend enough you will get results, but they are costly and unsustainable.

An alternative approach is more strategic, building a market position over time, creating a brand, building a database and network, establishing alliances, providing service to generate word-of-mouth. Strategies that don’t collapse as soon as the money stops, in fact don’t need a lot of money. Strategies that endure.

When these businesses do advertise or tele-market, it is very focused and may be just for short periods so the dollars are well spent. Even Kiprotich sprints a little, to pass a competitor, and then drops back to his even pace, a 100 m ahead, minimising his energy expenditure, conserving it for the km’s ahead.

Marketing is a truly a marathon where slow and steady wins the race. Are you marketing for a sprint or a marathon?

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action … 

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