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Where is the best place to find Gold?

When you are looking for new customers, it is like exploring for gold. And when you find one, like the gold miner you shout out Eureka when you have discovered the gold.

But what does the gold miner do next? He has spent a lot of time and effort in finding this mine. He doesn’t, after picking up the first nugget, walk off and look for a new mine somewhere else. He spends time following the seam. He looks for new seams above, below or alongside the existing seams.

And when he thinks he has exhausted the seams in his mine, he goes back through the tailings to extract the grains of gold he missed the first time through. (Or he might even sell the tailings to someone else.)

But many times I see that when a sale has been made, the business owner focuses on finding the next customer. It is six times easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. The existing customer has already experienced your products and services, and you have just overcome the biggest barrier to a sale- TRUST.

Exploring for gold, and new customers, is an expensive, time consuming business. Don’t ignore the gold below your feet. The best place to look for gold is in a goldmine.

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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