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What should I do now?

You have caught a buyer’s eye. Perhaps it was your expensive ad in a magazine, or even an ad online that has cost you nothing (till someone clicks on it), or got them to your website or store, what do you want them to do next? Buy?

Of course, but if they don’t know you yet, and you shout “Buy Now” you will just as likely lose the buyer as they run out the door or click away. So the customer may take some time to look around to see if they are in the right place.

There is a moment of uncertainty. It may be the right place, but the range of options may just be too overwhelming, so just at the time they are asking themselves “What should I do now?” – tell them.

If it’s an ad, tell them why they should visit your website or store. How will taking such action help them? What benefit can you provide?

This is an opportunity to let them discover more about you, and to build trust, particularly if you aren’t a well known brand.

You might ask them to call you, but if they have just discovered you, they may not be ready to say ‘YES’, but they may be ready for a ‘shy yes’. A small commitment, such as downloading some information that will provide them education or explain your range, that will help them decide that they should call you.

A ‘Call to Action’ should be included within all your marketing, whether it’s an ad, a brochure, your website or your store, so that the customer knows “What should I do now?”

What is the next natural step in the buying process? For many businesses, the customer doesn’t have your expertise. Can you help them by explaining the pros and cons, and risks when making their purchase, and the factors they should consider beforehand? People prefer to buy from experts, but if you don’t help educate them, how will they know you are one?

Without a ‘Call to Action’ the most likely result from your ad is No Action. The buyer will continue to think about the decision, perhaps checking out the competition, until someone tells them, what they should do next.

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