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The Secret of Success is …..

While I very much enjoy marketing, sometimes it can feel like a bit of a chore. There are things I need to do each week, each month, and at particular times of the year, but I know I need to do these things as that is what drives my business.

When I do these activities, it generates leads, and ultimately new business, and while it is possible to roughly predict the results of each activity, sometimes it creates nice surprises. The same goes for attending various events.

A few years back, I had been asked to present for a professional organisation. As they could not afford a fee, they allowed me to promote my business to their audience. Typically, I expected to sell some books (which leads to new business), and to pick up a couple of private clients directly, making it a good use of my time.

However, that night was in the middle of winter, very cold and wet. I would have much preferred to stay in front of the fire at home with a hot cup of coffee. While new business is always welcome, and it was my target market, under the circumstances, I would have been just as happy to stay home where it was warm and dry; but I had made a commitment to this organisation several months previously, and even though they were not paying me, I like to keep my commitments.

It was a fairly small turnout, no doubt due to the miserable weather, but I did pick up some business, so the night wasn’t a total waste. I didn’t think much more about it until a week later when a representative of a competing and much larger national organisation contacted me. He had attended the event, and wanted to put me on a national tour of their state chapters, and also to buy large quantities of my first book The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success for their members.

In effect I was being paid to market myself around the country. What an opportunity. All from presenting at a poorly attended event in the middle of winter. One which I was sorely tempted not to attend.

Woody Allen once said “90% of success is just turning up”.

Whether it is attending events or any other marketing that you are doing, even if it sometimes feels a chore, you must turn up if you want to succeed.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action … 

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