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Santa Grants a Small Business Owner his Wish

“So what would you like for Christmas” Santa asked business owner Bob?

Bob thought for a few seconds as he got comfortable on Santa’s knee. “I would like a regular flow of high quality enquiries for my business” he said.

“Did you have a regular flow of high quality enquiries this year?” Santa probed.

“Not exactly” answered Bob.

“Why was that?” Santa asked.

“Well I was not organised, and I had no strategy” confessed Bob. “I ran a few ads which generated a bit of business, the Yellow Pages ad was a waste of money and my website was a ghost town. The enquiries I got from this were a mix of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and definitely more of the last two than the first”

Santa let him finish and then asked “What will you do differently next year?”

“Well….” thought Bob aloud, “I could review what worked this year and what didn’t. I could work out who were my Best Buyers. I could analyse my services to see what are my points of difference, and then I could create campaigns targeting my Best Buyers, and promoting the value of my key benefits to them. I could also monitor the results of my campaigns, and continuously improve their effectiveness. I can also ask other for advice and support, so I don’t have to do everything on my own.” By this stage Bob was becoming breathless with excitement.

Santa, remained silent for a while until Bob had regained his composure and then asked quietly “Now if you did all that, what do you think would happen?”

“Why I would have a regular flow of high quality enquiries for my business, just what I asked for” Bob said quickly, even startling himself.

“So” asked Santa, “What would you like me to do for you this Christmas?”

“You already have given me my present- my New Year Plan” shouted Bob as he jumped off Santa’s knee as he saw two security guards approach.

“Merry Christmas” called out Santa, as Bob ducked between the guards whilst avoiding the long queue of angry mum’s with their children waiting for him to finish. Bob raced out of the mall back towards his office, with a new spring in his step.

Are you still waiting on a bearded fat guy in a red suit to send customers down your sales chimney?

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action … 

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May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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