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A Million Dollars of Marketing Advice for Nothing


For most businesses there is a giant in their industry. A business who is a household name. They dominate your sector, although they are not pursuing your customers because they are the big end of town.

They don’t even know you exist. And you ignore them because their clients are not yours.

Lets say you have a motor mechanics business with half a dozen staff. You don’t see yourself in competition with the BMW service department in the next suburb. Your competition is a guy about the same size as you a few blocks away. So what you do, is check out what he is doing.

But, if you were able to get a million dollars of marketing advice, do you think you could blow him away? You can’t afford the fees? What if you could get that advice for nothing?

Wander down to the BMW service centre and look around. See how clean their service area is. Check out their comfortable waiting rooms. Look at how their staff is presented. BMW spends millions on developing their image.

Now how difficult would it be to give your garage a lick of paint. Supply clean uniforms for your staff. Clean up your waiting room and put in today’s paper and a coffee machine?

Don’t try and copy the guy down the road, pick up your marketing ideas from the best in the business. While there are many things you can’t afford to do that they do, there are probably plenty of things you can do.

And when you start to apply these ideas to your business, the guy down the road won’t even be in the game.

And you can get this million dollar marketing advice for nothing by just opening your eyes and turning your head in the right direction.

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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