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Making This Year a Success with a Plan You Actually Believe

Have you had a great break? Have you sharpened your axe? So what is Your Plan for this year?

Better than last year? How much better? 20%? 30%? 50%? What does this really mean? More customers? A new strategy? Higher margins? New products & services?

Write down your goals for this year. What will be your turnover? What will be your gross profit? How many sales will you have to make? How will you handle these sales? Do you need more staff? How will you get these new sales?

The Small Business Success Club has a tool, The Profitability Analyser, which does all this and more. It answers questions such as:

• How much profit are you really making?
• What should your profit target be for this year?
• Which products are most profitable?
• On which products can and should you increase your prices, and by how much?
• What should your sales targets for each product be to achieve your profit target?
• What will be the impact of the additional resources required for these targets?

For each product, there is an opportunity to increase unit sales, increase prices, reduce costs, or a combination of all these strategies (the best way), but what is the right combination, and should you include new products or retire old ones?

And don’t forget you need to build your wages into your invoices as part of your plan, or else your wage is just what is left at the end of the monthly.

The Profitability Analyser tool creates a powerful business plan using your numbers when it analyses the profitability of every aspect of your business.

No more guessing.

Be specific as possible when you write out your answers to these questions. Break the annual goal down into quarters. For the first quarter, break it down into months. In the first month, break it down into weeks.

With your weekly goals, you have broken down into baby steps what originally seemed a big scary annual goal. Steps that you can easily achieve. Now every week, you are doing something to achieve your plan this year.

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May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman – The Profit Whisperer

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