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Leveraged Marketing – How much are you missing?

Do you have several marketing campaigns running simultaneously? Perhaps you run an Adwords campaign, have a joint venture with another business and an ad in the local paper. All quite independent campaigns you might think, that bring in a regular supply of enquiries.

Adwords sends leads to your website- possibly your most important piece of marketing collateral. Your JV partner emails you whenever they want to refer you to someone, and you then give them a call. Your ad in the paper encourages readers to call you.

If you were to link these campaigns, this this would enable you to leverage your marketing investment by connecting all your marketing collateral, resulting in both increased enquiries and sales. How might that look?

On your website, you might have a free report which provides website visitors important information that they need before they can make a decision. This might include some education about the issues they are seeking someone’s help to address.

Adwords visitors would see this report on arrival at your website. In fact, this report might be mentioned in your Adwords campaign, and increase the click through rate.

When you contact a JV referral, rather than just trying to sell them your services straight away before they know anything about you, could you also offer them the report as well, and encourage them to check out your website by sending them to a download page on your website.

Your ad in the newspaper might also mention your report, and may attract additional interest from people who aren’t ready to buy just yet, and certainly not prepared at this time to call. Obviously, to get the report, they will need to provide their email address to receive the download link.

As you build your database through such optins, you are also able to send them additional information including newsletters which will help them get to know you, see the value you provide, and to stay Top of Mind, until they are ready to buy.

Rather than three separate campaigns, you now have three integrated strategies leveraging each other, increasing enquiries and sales.