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Let Others Tell Your Story

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture tells a thousand words”. Well, a simple twist on that could be “A third party testimonial tells more about you than you could ever say about yourself – and with more credibility!”

Testimonials from satisfied clients must be an integral part of your sales kit. They present an independent view from a third party, and in many cases, can be the difference between getting the business or not.

If you currently have a conversion rate of two sales for every ten presentations, and a testimonial increases that to three sales for every ten presentations, then you’ve just increased your business by 50% – and yet most sales presentations don’t have this simple, yet powerful, tool included.

If this is your situation, you need to change it now. It’s as simple as asking your satisfied clients to provide the testimonial for you, and you’ll find that most are happy to do so.

Testimonials can be included in sales kits, professionally presented in a display book at your reception area, included as part of your brochure the list goes on.

And while businesses put them on their website, they don’t do it prominently. How do you do that? Check out this website. Note that these are just extracts from much longer testimonials on my testimonial page. What I display on my Home page is what I call the “Money Quote”. The outcome that will have your clients watering at the mouth. Click on each and you see the full testimonial with the money quote highlighted.

How do you get the money quote from a happy client? Well that’s a story for another day!

Remember, it’s more important what others say about you than what you say about yourself. Start using testimonials today to help build your sales.

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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