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Is Chris Hemsworth too Expensive?

What man wouldn’t want a body that looked like Chris Hemsworth’s? Well, apparently you can get one for just US$29.99 /month with his Centr App. Seems a reasonable deal, but even so, people are complaining that’s it’s expensive compared with other training programs, without Chris, at under US$20 /month. Especially since there are literally hundreds of exercise and diet videos free on YouTube, so why would you pay US$29.99 for Chris’ App?

Firstly, you get Chris!!! Although he appears rarely in the training videos, which are mostly presented by 9 other trainers, it’s slickly packaged, especially compared with the free YouTube stuff. The marketing is well done. And you can get it for just US$10 /month if you buy the annual package, great value compared with the other options! (What, it will take me a whole year to look like Chris?)

The real reason, of course, that this Chris can charge significantly more than the other Apps is because of Chris’ name recognition and his association with fitness. (I somehow doubt he actually put this program together, although it would have required his endorsement.)

The important lesson here is that if you can build a reputation as being an expert in your field and make it part of your brand, you can charge more than those who aren’t perceived as such.
How do you become an expert? Do the things that experts do. Experts:

• Speak publicly
• Write articles
• Have a blog
• Have a YouTube channel
• Do podcasts
• Have a book
• Win awards
• Interview other experts
• Get interviewed by other experts
• Appear in media
• Win an Oscar for a Hollywood movie

Except perhaps for the last suggestion, a small business owner can do all these things which over time will position them above their competitors and allow them to charge more. People want to deal with experts because they have more confidence that they will be able to deliver, which enables them to charge a premium.

Personally, I think Chris Hemsworth is worth it, but it’s going to take more than a year before I will be able to look like him.

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