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If only I had a better hammer

I’m not the world’s greatest handyman, although I still do odd jobs round the house, and sometimes this involves knocking nails into the wall. It’s a frustrating exercise because invariably I bend the nail, or hit my thumb. I just don’t do it often enough to get any good at it.

I see carpenters knock nails into timber with three or four clean strokes. It looks effortless. Of course they have top quality hammers, which are well balanced, properly sized for the job and shock absorbing grips.

I wonder if I would have better results with a hammer the professionals use, although I really know the results wouldn’t be much different. And I know if the carpenter used my low price hammer, they would still do an excellent job.

The same situation arises with marketing tools. There is a whole lot of good marketing software tools available nowadays which really are quite affordable. There is a temptation to believe if we just upgrade to the latest software, our marketing would dramatically improve.

Before all this software was available, people used Rolodex’s – cards with important information about each contact on a rotating spindle (for younger readers). It didn’t matter to the excellent marketers and salespeople of the time this was not computerised, it was what they did with the information that produced the results, not how it was stored.

So before spending money, and much more importantly, time, in putting in new software systems for your marketing, which are likely to disrupt your business, ask yourself, are you truly getting the most out of the system you are currently using? Have you actually reached the limits of your current system?

Just buying a new hammer is not going to make me a better carpenter, but learning how to properly use the tools I currently have will.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action … 

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