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Guarantee Success

Do you have a “real” guarantee, or an “implied” guarantee? By that I mean, do you openly and shamelessly advertise your guarantee at every available opportunity, or is your guarantee never mentioned?

The number one reason customers choose one product or service over another is not price, but confidence that the business can and will deliver what they want.

When you know you can confidently stand behind your product or service, you should put your guarantee right up front where your potential clients can see it, and promote it with strength. Not just “We’ll give you your money back”, but take the risk right off your customer and put it on you.

How about “Not only will we give you your money back, but we’ll redo the service for you if you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason at all”.

Or “We’ll have the job done on time, or the labour is at no charge”.
Before you say “I can’t do that”, first look at two things:

1/ What is your potential customer’s main concern when looking for the type of product or service you provide, and

2/ How often do you have anyone come back to you to claim on your guarantee now? If you look at it, you’ll most likely find that you have few claims anyway, so why not put your guarantee right up front?

And if your guarantee is addressing the potential customer’s main concern, you’re taking the risk away from dealing with you right from the start, making the buying decision in your favour easier for the customer.

The result, if your product and service is at the high levels they should be, is that sales, and profitability, will increase and you can charge more for your service than a business that doesn’t have as strong a guarantee as yours.

Will you be subject to the possibility of getting some product returned? Of course (you are anyway), but the extra sales will more than make up for the returns.

The law requires you guarantee that your product or service is what you advertise, so don’t hide your guarantee, make it your Point of Difference.

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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