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First Click or Last – Which is the Money Click?

When someone buys something from you on your website, sends a direct enquiry or calls you, it’s always important to know how they found you. However, is it the first time they visited you, and if not, was it from another referral source? Google can track the first click vs the last click to some action on your website.

When examining these different sources, to which do you attribute the conversion? The first click was possibly the first time they become aware of your existence, but they may not have been ready to buy. Was the last click the one that finally convinced them to buy?

Which straw broke the camel’s back? That is, which click contributed most to the sale- the first or the last, or one in between?

Why is this important? If you know which click contributes most to the sale, you can increase your marketing to get more of those clicks, and reduce expenditure on other clicks.

Google provides different attribution models, including a linear model in which all clicks are weighted equally, which I think is the closest to the truth, after all, every straw contributed to disabling the camel. Having said that, there is a special significance to the first click, which brought the person into your orbit for the first time.

These same issues also apply to your offline marketing. Someone may have first been attracted to your website through an offline promotion, and they may not act until the 3rd, 4th or even later nudge which may have either been offline or online. Gradually they become more confident that yours are the right solutions for them. However, if you just track the last click, you miss out on understanding their journey.

Some of the nudges could be emails, social media, or even phone calls. This is about staying Top of Mind once the buyer becomes aware of your business.

Understanding the buyers’ journey, means you need to have an understanding of all the straws, not just the last one.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action … 

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