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Finding Your Marketing Silver Bullet

Like the never ending search for unicorns, businesses seek their own holy grail, their own marketing silver bullet. They try advertising in different media, they rely on word of mouth and may even try cold calling. Nothing seems to work.

Online gurus promote SEO, Adwords and pretty new websites with pop-ups, pop-unders, chat boxes and every other new internet gadget that has an affiliate program. Nothing seems to work.

But the search continues.

There are only four enquiry generation marketing strategies: Advertising, Public Relations, Word of Mouth and Cold Calling, with every other marketing strategy some combination of these four. When businesses seek the magic bullet amongst these four strategies they are more likely to stumble across a unicorn.

Successful marketing strategies are designed to leverage each other, not relying on a single campaign, with each connecting to the other. An ad, a PR campaign, proactive Word of Mouth all leading to a website leading to remarketing and a database leading to a newsletter with calls to action. This is not a silver bullet, rather it’s an example of a chain reaction.

This creates a cascade of enquiries that builds your community of prospects that feed your sales pipeline. This is a marketing machine that produces predictable results month after month, that you can measure, fine tune and turn up when things are slow, and wind back when you are busy, putting you in control.

While more complex to create, than the mythical silver bullet campaign, it’s like playing chess while most of your competitors are playing checkers.

The good news is, most of your competitors are playing a pretty poor game of checkers, and the bar is low for you. They are still looking for the silver bullet. You don’t need to be a chess grandmaster to win most of your marketing games.

How connected is your marketing? How would you create chain reaction marketing for your business?


May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman – The Profit Whisperer

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