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Do You Really Sell a Quality Product?

I often ask business owners, do you sell a quality product, and most tell me they do. I then ask do they think that is a reason that people should buy from you, again most say “Yes”.

How did you answer these questions? If you said yes to both, I hate to disillusion you, but everyone says they have a quality product. Have you every heard anyone say:

Buy from me, my products are lousy?

So quality on its own is not a Point of Difference.

Quality can mean many things, but it does not necessarily mean zero defects. Do you think that luxury cars never break down?

A friend of mine bought a German luxury car whose name you would know, but I won’t mention here. In the first year, he had a lot of trouble with the engine, and it spent a lot of time in the workshop at no cost to him, as it was within warranty. It wasn’t even really an inconvenience as he was given a loan car.

After the fifth of sixth time in the shop, they decided to replace the whole engine. It worked perfectly after that. He was curious and asked the dealer about the cost of the all the work done on his car because of the breakdowns. He was told with a straight face:

Our automobiles don’t break down

In a way he was right. There was no inconvenience to my friend. The loan vehicle was delivered to his door. It was as new as his own car, at times an even better model. They were always courteous, no matter the problems with the vehicle.

So where was the quality? It wasn’t in the manufacture of his vehicle.

Did he buy another vehicle of this brand again from this dealership? Of course.

You don’t get to decide what quality means – your customer decides that for you. It is not the absence of something in the business owners eyes, that is zero-defects, but the presence of something in the customers eyes, that is value.

How do your customers define your quality?

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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