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Discover Your Secret Ingredient

Does your product or service have a special component that sets you apart? Is there a secret ingredient that will make people want to deal with you? That X factor?

There is a story of a famous chef in a five star French restaurant who never wrote down his recipes. Only he knew all the steps. While he had people assisting him in food preparation, each only knew some of the steps. His dishes were award winning, and no-one could copy them.

One day a well known society dame came into his kitchen after enjoying a certain dish, and started to cajole him into telling her what were the ingredients. After quite some time, she had extracted from him each of the ingredients, except one. She knew wine was added, but he refused to tell her how much. After much further badgering, he finally relented and told her. A mouthful.

His secrecy was his point of difference. Is there something special that is part of your product or service that will give it that extra ‘flavour’ in the eyes of your buyers, that will intrigue and attract them to your point of difference and make you stand out from the rest?

What is your secret Ingredient?

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

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