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Buy from us because our competitors are lousy

Why should someone buy from you? Because you have great service? Everyone says they have great service. Have you ever heard one of your competitors say: “Buy from us, we’re lousy!”

Your competitor’s service may well be lousy, and yours may be a great quality, but just saying it’s so, while bad mouthing your competitor (never a good look to customers) is not going to convince anyone. So what should you do?

Quality is a given, a prerequisite today. Everyone says they offer a quality service. So what’s the answer? Surely ‘quality’ counts for something?

Define what you mean by quality? Right the first time? Delivered on time? Delivered on budget? Customer Satisfaction? Spell out what you mean by great service. Depending on your market, quality means different things to different people.

Often time is the premium, while others are prepared to wait in order to receive a superior service. McDonalds pride themselves on fast service with no more than two minute wait times, while in a Michelin star restaurant, slow food is guaranteed.

What is it that your customers most value and will pay for? Having identified what they value, you need to prove that you can deliver that value. It’s what the Michelin star does for those who truly appreciate, and are prepared to pay for, fine cuisine.

How can you prove that you can deliver the value your customers seek? There are many different ways to do that. For example:

• Awards
• Testimonials
• Certification
• Qualifications
• Demonstrations
• Education

For each point of value for your target market, find a way of providing proof that your products and services will meet and exceed their expectations.

The number one reason people choose to buy is not price, but a greater confidence that you are able to deliver what they want than your competitors can. If your competitors are better at this than you, they may win the business, even if their service is lousy.

What are you doing to convince your buyers that you are indeed, great?


May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman – The Profit Whisperer

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