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Big Enough to Trust

When selecting a new supplier for a product or service, particularly for a more complex sale, there is always a risk that you might not get what you want. So you look for clues to give you confidence.

Who recommends them? Do they have a guarantee? What sort of after sales support will they provide? Are there independent reviews? Who else has bought from them? What is the quality, or does the low price indicate it won’t last?

These are questions you ask to give you the final confidence in making the buying decision, when you have checked out that all the other product attributes, because we all know what it says on the box is not necessarily what we get inside. We need to be reassured that we will get what we pay for.

One question we also consider is how big is the business, because big implies stability, longevity, and a lot of experience in getting it right. The risk in choosing someone smaller is they don’t have the experience and are a bigger risk. Perhaps they don’t have the systems or the capacity to handle your business? Could their business fail at a critical time? Is it dependent on just a few key people? Big is the safe choice.

But big is also a risk. They may tick all the good boxes for a big firm, but will they care enough about your business. Most telcos are big, and we know how they treat their small customers, not the same way they do their large corporate clients. No invitations to the sporing matches, or lavish lunches paid by your account manager, and if there is a big problem with their service, there is no chance you will ever get to speak with the CEO.

If you are finding the big boys are muscling into your market because times are tough at the big end of town, perhaps it is time to remind your customers that you ARE big enough to trust, but small enough to care.

All you need to do now is to Empower yourself and take action … 

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