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Because You’re the Expert

When you visit the doctor, and she says that you have high blood pressure because of a rare heart condition and recommends a heart specialist who she says is an expert in this field, do you shop around for someone cheaper? You might check out this specialist online and find out that they regularly present at medical conferences, and are quoted regularly in the medical media just to confirm independently they are who your doctor says they are, rather than a part of some referral network, but then you ring them up are ask for an appointment. You probably don’t even ask how much they charge, because you have a problem and want it fixed.

Is that the way your clients feel about you?

People prefer to deal with experts because they know they will get the right advice and their problem will be dealt with efficiently and effectively, the right way, saving them money, anguish and time, even if it costs a little more. How much is peace of mind worth?

So how do you become an expert? You are already very knowledgeable about what you do. All you have to do now is to do what experts do which, very basically, is to speak and write, that is, they share their knowledge, and it has never been easier to do that than today.

Ideally you would like to be in the mainstream media, but that is difficult to do, but it’s much easier to get into industry related media. It’s even easier to publish yourself online, either in written form or video and promote your items in social media and to your database. You could write a book, or an ebook which you can give away to prospects. You can give talks at your local Rotary or council, or host your own events. Can’t afford to hire a hall? Present webinars. If you do this often enough, higher profile media will come your way naturally, because journalists on tight deadline are always searching online for experts to answer their questions, and the more you are in the media, the more you are in the media.

By demonstrating your knowledge to potential clients, they see you as the expert and want to do business with you, and the first question they ask won’t be “How much do you charge?” but “Can you help me?”.

May Your Business Be – As You Plan It.

Dr Greg Chapman – The Profit Whisperer

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