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Are You Using Scripts – Words that Sell

A sales pipeline can have many steps, and the secret is to optimise each one. So let’s look at a single step.

How well do you and your team deal with your current and potential customers? Do you leave contact with your customers to chance, or do you have a set, uniform approach, especially when dealing with enquiries from those who haven’t dealt with your company before?

A simple phone or in-person script, modelled from the staff member that consistently gets the best sales results, is a simple way to start implementing scripts into your business.

What if you found that your conversion to enquiry ratio went from 1 in 10 enquiries converted to the next pipeline stage to 2 in 10 – that’s a doubling of your business, and it’s cost you nothing.

Wouldn’t you then be encouraged to implement scripts for on-selling, up-selling, setting the next appointment, and all other stages in your sales pipeline?

And what if each script in your sales pipeline gave you an extra 10% increase in sales? Your business would skyrocket, and your competitors would wonder what you’ve been up to!

In creating scripts, words matter. For example, here are two words that can make a big difference when speaking with a customer. Using the customer’s name is the first one. It personalises the conversation, and people respond to their own name. The second word is ‘YOU’. Remember, it’s all about them. Make sure you are using the word ‘YOU’ many times more than ‘I’. So it’s not ‘I think….’ It’s ‘What do you think…?’

There is a real power in implementing and testing the use of scripts, and yet it would have to be the strategy that is most ignored by business owners. You can get the benefit of scripts today –

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