How to Make Your Business 

Run Without You


 by Helen Chapman

Dear hard-working business owner,

When the cat’s away (you), do the mice (your staff) play?
Do things just stop, or at least slow down, when you’re not there?

A major obstacle to growth for small business owners is their dependence on the owners themselves.

Many hard-working business owners work long, back-breaking hours servicing clients, sorting orders, and taking care of all the gruelling nitty-gritty ‘stuff’, with all the stress while their staff work nine to five for with better conditions, and maybe even better pay. 

If these owners are able to go away for a vacation, business either crawls to a slow, or they just shut it down over summer like everyone else in their industry does and wear the overheads.

If this is you is you, you don’t own a business,you own a job … and your boss is insane!

Imagine you could go away whenever you wanted, and things just happened the same as if you were still there. It is possible you know. How do you think big businesses got that way?

In just a minute, you’ll learn how you can not only how to make your business run without you, but also how to turn it into a profit machine that operates whether you are there or not. Would that make a difference to your business and your life?

After working with Dr Chapman, I have been able to increase my capacity by 30% simply by implementing the business systems that Greg suggested. I am now able to increase my billable hours and spend more time working on my business, as I choose. Steve Grimes – Plan Cost Australia

Know your business is running properly even if you’re not there! 

You are cordially invited to a limited registration, closed door workshop with Dr Greg Chapman- The Profit Whisperer and the author of the award winning, best selling small business book: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

 by Helen Chapman

Building a successful business is more complex than ever in the 21st century, the five pillars: planning, marketing, systems, motivation and discipline are built on the foundation stones outlined in this book.

Greg Chapman gives you the business owner a real insight into each of these areas and begins the realisation that you should not be your business, but rather you should let go and enable your business to grow without you.

Leadership is more than management and using his advice your business can serve you, assist you to live a better and less stressful lifestyle, after all you are the one who has taken the risks, put in the hard work and created your dream, you deserve it.

I congratulate Greg on writing such a succinct book outlining the five pillars of business success because the next wave of productivity increases for Australia can be found by lifting the efficiency in the small business sector, there by making us more competitive in the global market of which we are part. The first step towards this grand goal is a book like this. I highly recommend it. Tony Steven – Past CEO Council of Small Business Australia



At this FREE workshop you will discover:

  • Why businesses stay small
  • How to work smarter
  • The building blocks for a business that runs without you
  • How to manage a business when you aren’t there

When you put these principles in place, your business becomes a Profit Machine and a valuable Saleable Asset.

With the simple-to-implement strategies that you learn about in Make Your Business Run without You Training Workshop you will see how you can easily create your own machine!

Make Your Business Run without You Training Workshop

You will also receive, a FREE copy of Dr Greg Chapman’s Time Management for Business Owners

 by Helen Chapman


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“How to Make Your Business Run Without You”