Free Video Training for Small Business Owners

 by Helen Chapman

Based on his award winning, best selling small business book:
The Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success, Dr Greg Chapman recorded a recent live webinar entitled:

Why most businesses stay small and what YOU can do about YOURS.

“Learn what successful business owners already know when you follow Dr Greg Chapman’s Advice. This book is the prescription that takes away the pain of growing your business.”


Tony Steven – Past CEO, Council of Small Business of Australia

Here’s what others have said about this training:

“Greg, I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. I think I learnt more last night in an hour and a half than any book I’ve read so far” Annie Bracey


“The seminar was an eye opener to how I need to manage my business more efficiently instead of it running me. Great information. Necessary Brain Food for success.” Anthony Bortoli


“Dr Greg is like a GP doctor who identifies the problems and offers solutions to improve our business.” Harry Nguyen

And what I love about these strategies are that they are simple, incredibly practical (zero fluff, zero hype) and so easy to understand. There will be so many light bulb moments, you will keep asking yourself, why I haven’t I done this before?

Over an hour of high powered training for small business owners who are sick and tired of being small. Here’s what you’ll discover during the webinar:

  • The five reasons small businesses stay small. The biggest risk for owners is not that their businesses will fail, but that they become Micro-Stayers.
  • The critical priorities that owners must address at different stages of their business lifecycle. Owners that don’t prioritise become frustrated and overwhelmed.
  • How to set your profit objective. Without a profit objective, you don’t own a business, just a job with overheads.
  • How to use the Five Profit Drivers to double your profit.
  • What you must do to turn your business into a Profit Machine that runs without you and make your business a Saleable Asset.

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