Dr Greg Chapman is the publisher of The Australian Small Business Blog, and The Small Business Achiever. Other Media for which he writes are below:

Sydney Morning Herald – Small Businesses: The Social Influencers

Workwise- Addressing the skills gap: How to upskill in your business

Kochies Business Builders – This 5 Step Marketing Plan will Double Your Profits

GeoOp – Let’s make it clear – Good mobile staff communications is vital

Kochies Business Builders – The Fifth Profit Driver – Increasing Your Margins

Kochies Business Builders – The Fourth Profit Driver – Increasing the number of times a customer buys

Kochies Business Builders – The Third Profit Driver – Increasing Your Average Value per Sale

NAB Bank Guide to Work – Buying an Existing Small Business – 3 things to consider

Kochies Business Builders – The Second Profit Driver – Increasing Sales Conversion

Kochies Business Builders – The First Profit Driver – Increasing Enquiries

Kochie’s Business Builders – How to use your Five Profit Drivers to Double Your Business’ Profit

Yahoo Finance – Golden Rules for Couples in Business

How to make Your business a Profit Machine

Coaching Life – Turn Your Coaching Business into a Profit Machine

Yahoo Finance – How to Use your Points of Difference to Increase Your Prices

Short Press – 5 Ways to remain productive over the summer lull

Channel 9 – A Current Affair

GeoOp – Planning your way to a successful mobile business

Geop – The “toolproof” way to improve small business producticity

Jamaica Blue Escape – Recipe for Success

Cleo – Boyfriend? Business Partner? Both

2GB – Heidi Armstrong

Restaurant and Catering Magazine – Rising Fortunes

Interview with Rob Mailer – ABC Queensland:
Anna and Clive Palmer- Married to the Business
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When families join forces in business – The Age

How to grow your business sustainably – Mortgage Professional

Should you employ friends? – Sydney Morning Herald

Five Steps to Grow Your Business – Business Victoria

Thank you for agreeing to be the expert for the Growing Your Business article for the Victorian Government through Business Victoria. Interviewing you and gaining your insightful tips to write the article was a pleasure and I am sure many businesses will benefit from your generous time and wisdom.
Sharon Copeland-Smith

A Pleasure Doing Business with You – Daily Telegraph

Managing Your Time – Inside Small Business

Walk the Talk to a Successful Practice- Business Insights

Married to the Business – Family Capers

For Richer or Poorer – My Business

Retailers Fighting Against Showrooming – Sydney Morning Herald

Make the Festive Season Work for You – Transitions Business Insights

The Do’s and Dont’s of Setting up an Advisory Board
– Australian Institute of Company Directors Boardroom Report

Interview with Sally Chester-Law 4BC Brisbane Radio
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Love and Business: Tricky Mix! – Business Essentials
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When you work with a partner, spouse or friend – Tony Delroy ABC Radio
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Clear boundaries key to family business – Canberra Times

For Better or Worse – till business do us part – The Age

Why Price is Rarely Right for Startups – SmartCompany

Increasing Staff Productivity – Public Accountant

Occupation Licensing – Supplier Woodworking

How to Increase Prices Without Alienating Clients – Sydney Morning Herald

Americans doing business in Australia – American Express Open Forum

How to Keep Clients and Grow Business in a Downturn – Accounting Technician

How to Increase Your Fees Without Losing Clients – Career Practitioner

Resolutions for Business – Business Review Weekly

Motivation Stations: Getting Cracking in the New Year – Sydney Morning Herald

Leveraging Your Brand – Australian Broker

Taking Charge – Fairfax Network

Public Accountant – Cover Story – Price Check

Turn on the Cash Tap – My Business

7 Steps to turn your business into a profit machine that runs without you
Career Practitioner

The Secret of Business Success
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

Preparing Your Customers for the Sale
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

Ready Fire Aim
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

The Economics of a Sales Pipeline
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

The Mathematics of a Sales Pipeline

Start-ups: Stop Advertising You are a Start-up
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

A Simple Strategy to Stop Fighting Fires in Your Business
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

Buying a Customer
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

The Fifth Profit Driver – Increasing the Gross Profit per Sale

The Fourth Profit Driver – Increasing the Number Of Times a Customer Buys

The Third Profit Driver – Increasing Average Value per Sale

The Second Profit Driver – Increasing Conversions to Sales

The First Profit Driver – Increasing Enquiries

Choosing the right business partner – Sydney Morning Herald

Using the Five Profit Drivers to Double Your Business Profit

Review – The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success
Australian Career Practitioner

What to look for in a business partner – Macquarie Group

Drive Your Business Forward with a 1 hour Business Plan Part 1 & Part 2
Hotfrog Small Business Hub

 Business Plans- Essential or Useless? – Hotfrog Small Business Hub

 Increase Prices? Are You Mad? – Jeweller Magazine

 The Orange County Registrar – Poll: Should Small Businesses Raise Prices?

Start-up Smart – When you should base your business at home

Sub-Tropic – Starting an Online Business

Dynamic Business – Increase Prices now to avoid margin squeeze says expert

Start-up Smart – Small firms must increase prices to boost flagging margins
(Correction: This article states Dr Chapman is an academic and lecturer at Melbourne University. While he does teach a small number of business classes each year at Melbourne University, he is not an academic. He has specifically been engaged because he is not an academic.)

Jeweller Magazine  – Tips on Selling

Interview on Michael Schildberger’s Business Essentials Program – Charging More Without Losing Sales
(8 mins duration)
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Supplier Magazine – Tips for small guys to survive and thrive

Interview on Business Essentials- Achieving and Managing Growth

Interview on Btalk – CBS BNet Australia
Benchmarking Your Business Performance

Virgin Voyeur Magazine – Tips and Tricks to Take Calulated Risks in Business

Supplier Magazine  – How Many Gauges Do You Have in the Cockpit of Your Business

Australian Photographic Society – So do you want to be a professional photographer?

Nett Magazine – Holidays are Good for Your Health

Mortgage Business – October 2009

Accounting Technician Plan to Succeed

National Accountant Sales for Accountants or Can’t (or Hate to) Sell

Mortgage Business – September 2009

Interview on Btalk – CBS BNet Australia
The Lifecycle of a Business

Australian Institute of Company Directors  – Why Small Businesses Stay Small

Mortgage Business – June 2009

National Accountant  – Business Advisor or Bean Counter

Accounting Technician – Mistakes to Avoid in a Downturn

Mortgage Business – April 2009

Herald Sun – April 2009

Building Designers Association – Does Advertising Work?

The West Australian – March 2009

Mortgage Business – March 2009

Building Designers Association  – Discount Price Wars

Sydney Morning Herald  – Small Business Solutions

Australian Broker – Taking Back Control

National Accountant -Nurturing Micro Businesses

The Australian –  Business Tips for the Small Guy to Survive and Thrive

Madison – July 2008

Other Publications:

He is also the author of : “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success“. Further information on this book is available when you click here.

Further information on Dr Greg Chapman is available at: www.GregChapman.biz

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