Are you working longer and taking home less than your staff? Are you working all hours of the day and night and still barely managing to keep your customers happy? Are you unable to delegate or outsource work to give you more time to work on your business? Does your business have Growing Pains or has it plateaued at Maturity?

In the article, Become a Business Brain Surgeon you can learn how Business Systems, also known as Operations Manuals or Procedure Manuals allow you to Work Smarter, Not Harder. The benefits of a Business System are that You will:

How to make your business
run without you

  • Increase the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your Business
  • Reduces your Business Risk and Error with staff using the proven best procedures for their roles
  • Simplify the training of staff and reduce the time for them to become productive and profitable
  • Be able to employ staff with lower skill levels
  • Make your business less dependent on individual staff members
  • Reduce staff turnover as they have a better understanding of their role and your expectations
  • Manage the Performance of your staff
  • Enable you to leverage your knowledge, time and money
  • Increase the Value of Your Business
  • Be able to expand or franchise your business
  • Turn Your Business into a Saleable Asset

Business systems turn your business into a money making machine because they enable you to leverage your time, your effort, your knowledge and your money.

Ultimately, Business Systems Make Your Business Run Without You and will allow you to achieve the Work/Life Balance you are seeking.

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For Business Owners who have all the customers they want- or all the customers they can handle, which is the more usual situation, but would like to invest in working smarter rather than harder, developing business systems is essential.

Business Systems remove obstacles to business growth. It is ideal for those Owners seeking to separate themselves from their business and build it to the point where it can operate without them. It is also essential for any business which is operating at the limits of its capacity, or owners who are working excessive hours. Business Systems are what takes a business to the next level.

Without good Business Systems, the Business Owner does not own a Business, just a job with overheads! Without a Business System, you will never have a business that runs without you.

A good system is logical and simple to use, and ensures that your customer service levels are always consistent. Your system will be based around policies, planning and procedures in every part of your business that you and your staff will apply every day. Systems will give you control of your business even if you are not there.

Many businesses fail as they expand, or change their focus, because their systems are inadequate, and quality declines as they try to service more customers.

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In order to build your Business System, you first need to develop an organisation chart which presents your business as a series of job positions which are accountable for particular tasks. Even if you are a sole trader, this is important, as it may give you

ideas on what you can outsource. The next step is to undertake a Workflow Process Analysis from the time a customer phones your business, until you bank their cheque. This will allow you to understand where you add most value to your business.

The next step is to identify your major business systems. For example, these will include Financial, Administration, Operations, People, Marketing and Risk Management systems. Each of these systems will be broken down into subsystems. For example, your Financial System is likely to include the following subsystems- Purchase Orders, Invoices and Financial Reports. In each subsystem, a procedure should be set-up that you will use again and again. This can be in the form of templates, or a recipe for the activity.

The next step in your system is to teach your staff to use it. If the system is not followed, you don’t have one! Your staff need to own the systems, and part of their role will be to continually update and improve them.

The way you get your business to run without you is to create a Business Management System, which is the System for your Business Systems. This allows you to run your business by reports. When you set up such a system, you don’t need to be involved in every part of your business.

Once your system is implemented, your work will decrease and your results will increase. You will also have created a valuable asset that can operate without you. When you have a Business System, you have an Exit Strategy!

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Multiply Your Profit and Make Your Business Run Without You