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“How One Business Owner
Increased His Fees by 400% and
Two Others Doubled the Size of Their Businesses in a Year”

Was there anything special about these businesses or their owners?

The largest of these businesses had 15 employees and the smallest, just one- the owner. Their sectors were totally different. They were all at different stages of their Business Lifecycle. The one common factor was that their owners did not want another year of mediocre results, the same as the years before. So they did something about it.

All these owners are now making more money by working less.

Hear how the first business owner Increased His Professional Fees by 400%.

“Dr. Greg Chapman of ‘The Australian Business Coaching Club’ delivers nothing short of excellence in Business Coaching, Advice and Support. It is evident through the quality and integrity of Dr. Greg Chapman’s programs that his knowledge and experience in business development are second to none. Through implementing Dr. Chapman’s formula for success I had Amazing results! In just a few months of working with Dr Chapman I have been able to increase my chargeable hourly rate by a massive 400%.The exciting thing is, the clients I now work with don’t have an issue with price point, they recognise the value in my services and happily engage.”
Greg Fellows, Dynamic Business & Training Solutions Pty Ltd.

Postscript: Greg became a finalist in the NSW 2007 Small Business Awards.

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 Listen to how another business at the Growing Pains stage of its Lifecycle doubled the size of his business in 12 months. In our interview, he talks about the holidays he now takes regularly and why for the seven previous years he was unable to do so.

Greg, What a year! I have done a profit analysis for the two calendar halves of the year. 100% increase in Gross Profit & Revenue in line with forecast. Hired two new staff. The big improvement has been the ability for me to know where my money is and how best to spend it! Thanks for all your help!”
Ray Verati, Verve Project Management Pty Ltd

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Read how a third business owner whose business was at the Maturity stage of its Lifecycle  doubled her income in a year.

 Before working with Dr Greg Chapman, I had ideas I did not know how to implement and objectives I could not achieve. I had been running my own business for eight years with a staff of 15 and had hit a plateau. Since I started working with Greg a few months ago, we have doubled our sales conversion rate and have built sales and marketing systems I wish I had in place years ago. We have a detailed marketing strategy and plan, with both short and long term goals, that gives me the confidence that we will double our sales next year. I feel really empowered and in control for the first time because of the knowledge and support Greg has given me. If you are serious about making a difference in your business, you must get Greg to show you how.
Lilly Kukuljan Six Degrees South Health & Fitness, Melbourne


You can also read an article about Lilly in the Herald Sun here

If your business is in Maturity, discover how these strategies could be applied to your business now with a Complimentary Business Evaluation.

These are the steps they took as we worked together.

1. They established hard measurable goals for their businesses.
2. They set in place strategies to achieve these goals.
3. They identified their roadblocks to success.
4. They dissected their market and changed their offer.
5. They re-organised their business and changed the way they worked.
6. They started measuring the results of the strategies they employed.
7. They adjusted their strategies according to their results.

This is what happened to their businesses:

1. They found they had more time to work ON their business.
2. Their businesses could make money even when they were not there.
3. They found it easier to get better, higher paying customers.
4. They didn’t have to hunt for customers- new customers came to them.
5. Their businesses became more predictable. They knew where the next clients would come from.
6. They felt in control of their businesses

…and this is what allowed them to make more money by working less, and with less stress!

There is nothing magical about what these owners did, but there is a formula, a system, that they followed, that you can follow too. I call it: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success. Request a free preview of this book now:

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