Business Coaching vs Consulting

Many businesses who have not used a coach before are confused about the differences and distinctions between business coaching and consulting.  In a nutshell, a coach works with you to discover the issues in your business and suggests solutions and provides advice, but leave you to implement the solutions. A consultant implements the solution for the business.

Advantages of a Coach are that the owner is more likely to learn how to problem solve themselves by watching the coach at work and through implementing themselves, they become empowered with a good coach ultimately doing themselves out of a job! By undertaking the implementation themselves, the owner also saves a lot of money. This approach is also ideal for the owners of smaller businesses with turnover under $1 million.

Advantages of a Consultant is that the implementation is done by someone else, and it is likely to be done more quickly. Obviously there is a higher cost for this, and the consultants knowledge leaves when they do. However, there are clear advantages of a turnkey solution, and at certain times it is the right answer, particularly if it is a one-of situation or a skill which is only needed occasionally. It is also an ideal solution for larger, more established businesses where the timeliness of the implementation of changes is important. Empower Business Solutions Consultancy solutions are provided is more detail here.

Empower Business Solutions Business Coaching Solutions

There are 3 types of coaching offered by Empower Business Solutions.

For businesses just starting out there are a range of DIY programs, providing all the knowledge and experience that Dr Greg Chapman’s high 6 and 7 figure private clients receive at a fraction of the cost.

A very affordable annual program is provided within the Small Business Success Club. This is ideal for businesses in Infancy and Youth.

For businesses seeking more comprehensive support, typically businesses in Growing Pains and Maturity private business coaching with Dr Greg Chapman’s Business Coaching and Consulting solutions are recommended.

If you are unsure if this program is right for you, request a Complimentary Business Evaluation and find out how to:

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