Business Coaching & Advice for Couples in Business Together

 by Helen ChapmanAs a result of a significant proportion of Dr Chapman’s clients being husband and wife business owners (or owners in a personal relationship), he wrote the book called “Married to the Business: Honey I love you, but our business sucks!

Dr Chapman found such business relationships are very different from other partnerships due to their personal relationship, the joint lifestyle goals and the respect and trust they have for their partner.

Each of the partners bring something different to the business. Often one is more the technician in the business; that is he/she has a particular skill or may be more creative, and the other will have the business/financial focus. This is not a male/female split in a particular stereotype as Dr Chapman has observed these preferences shared in just about every way imaginable. In fact, where they have shared a skillset, there is still a preference for one to be more business focused, and the other more technically.

Such complimentary skills and interest can be a benefit to any business partnership, and if it is true, opposites attract, couples in business, definitely have an advantage. However it is a two edged sword resulting in issues that are unique to couples which both assist and hinder the business side of the relationship.

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 by Helen Chapman

Anyone who knows about the emotions involved with running a business will also know that those real human traits are magnified by involvement of a life partner. This can be a wonderful experience, or not so. Dr Greg Chapman’s book will help get more wonder and less thunder for all involved. I congratulate Greg on another quality publication.
– Peter Strong, Executive Director Council of Small Business Australia