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Whether you are an independent consultant or run a consultancy service, you probably face one or more of these common issues:

  • How to Set Your Prices
  • How to Get More of the Right Kind of Clients
  • How to Increase Your Margins
  • How to Write Winning Proposals
  • How to Create a constant Stream of Enquiries
  • How to Convert Enquiries into High Value Clients

Dr Greg Chapman uses the proven principles from his bestselling book “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success” to address these issues with his clients.

The Five Pillars of Business Success: planning, marketing, systems, motivation and discipline are expertly covered in this book, giving you an insight into each. While there is no ‘secret formula’ to business success, there are steps you must take. The Five Pillars are these steps. Learn what successful business owners already know when you follow Dr Greg Chapman’s advice.

Tony Steven – CEO Council of Small Business of Australia

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 by Helen Chapman


These same principles apply whether the consultancy consists of:

Engineering Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Human Resources Consultants, IT Consultants, Legal Consultants, Mining Consultants, Operations Consultants, Risk & Compliance Consultants, Software Consultants, Technology Consultants or one of the allied consultancy services.

He is also the author of the book “Price: How to Charge More without Losing Sales

“Price” is meeting a serious demand in the market place. It provides some ‘outside the box’ solutions as well as encouraging the reader to face the eternal question of how to increase pricing. It is not just a book of ‘tactics’; a clear pricing strategy emerges to enable price increases to be sustainable.

Barbara Gabogrecan – President Marketing and Communication Executives International

 by Helen Chapman


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Make Your Business Run Without You

 by Helen Chapman


Greg, What a year! I have done a profit analysis for the two calendar halves of the year. 100% increase in Gross Profit. Revenue in line with forecast. Hired two new staff. The big improvement has been the ability for me to know where my money is and how best to spend it! Thanks for all your help! Ray Verati – Verve Project Management