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As a result of his award-winning book Married to the Business which contains a Case Study of a Building Contractor’s Business, Dr Greg Chapman has been in demand by the Building sector for his Business Advice. (Download a FREE preview of “Married to the Business” here.)

He has presented for both the Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA) as well as other industry related bodies, such as the Australian Institute of Architects and the Building Designers Association.

Over the years, Dr Greg Chapman has worked with many builders and trade businesses and has developed specialist business coaching materials for those sectors. He specialises in showing how already successful trades business who have either reached or about to reach the 7 figure turnover threshold, to make the business less dependent on the owner,

Dr Chapman is also the author of the best selling small business book: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.

The Five Pillars of Business Success: planning, marketing, systems, motivation and discipline are expertly covered in this book, giving you an insight into each. While there is no ‘secret formula’ to business success, there are steps you must take. The Five Pillars are these steps. Learn what successful business owners already know when you follow Dr Greg Chapman’s advice.

Tony Steven – CEO Council of Small Business of Australia

Download a Free Preview of this book here.


Further details of our business coaching solutions for building contractors are provided here. Or book a Complimentary Business Evaluation now and find out how to:

– Multiply Your Profits
– Reduce the hours that you work
– Overcome the obstacles in your business and

Make Your Business Run Without You



Before working with Empower Business Solutions, I thought I had a business. But now I realise it was more of a job with staff and overheads, and it was unsustainable in its previous form. My business was not producing the results to justify all my hard work. Dr Greg Chapman showed me how to focus on business principles to make it a successful business and how to make it grow. I was able to put in place systems that allowed me to focus on what was most important in the business, leaving to others work that they could do. I have rethought my relationships with my employees who now are more focussed on the things that will take my business to where I want it to go. I now know where my business is going and how I am going to get there. If you are working too many hours and not achieving the results you know you deserve, get Greg to show you how to turn your business around.
Martin Speller, Speller Construction

I used to be stuck in the detail and could not see where I was going. With Dr Greg Chapman’s help, I was able to see the big picture, set goals and plans to achieve them. Things are now going so well that my my turnover is up 25% or more, and it is now starting to get ridiculous! Even in a recession.(Note to self- time to put up my prices.) I highly recommend Greg to anyone who is serious in fixing their business. Stuart Garner, Plumbfast