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Has your accounting practice become a commodity provider of tax advice, with fees to match? Are you bogged down with low paying compliance work?

Almost every small business owner has an accountant but how many actually use their accountant as the primary source of (non-tax) business advice?

When an owner first starts their business, they are usually very dependent on their accountant for advice. They are seen as knowledgeable, independent – someone they can trust. They help them set-up the business, suggest the right structure and who can help them do the many things a new business owner must do.

However, this dependence does not last. Their advice is often not sought as the business grows and becomes more complex. There is, of course, much more an accountant can do to advise their clients, but they seem unable to convince them that they are the right person to provide them the answers they seek.

Business owners baulk at the accountant’s hourly charges and the lack of clarity in their offer of advice. In the end, they decide to use their accountants just for tax, but seek alternatives for other business advice whose value proposition is clearer.

As a business coach, every one of my clients has an accountant, but they still come to me for advice on how to make their business successful. I don’t do tax, and when it comes to the detailed implementation of financial systems, I recommend they talk to their accountant.

If you are sick of selling hours and want to provide greater value to your clients than just tax, Empower Business Solutions can provide a structure, a process and materials so you can get out of the undifferentiated tax game where you sell your services on price.

As an accountant you are sitting on a rich source of untapped revenue. Learn how you can take your business knowledge which is currently not being valued or utilised by your clients today, and monetise it.

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Learn how to sell your value rather than your hours. Why should you lose clients to ‘business advisors’ that have little real business experience, and are just better at selling themselves than you? (Note there are some very good non-accountant advisors, but they are NOT your competition. Find out why.)

The Five Pillars of Business Success: planning, marketing, systems, motivation and discipline are expertly covered in this book, giving you an insight into each. While there is no ‘secret formula’ to business success, there are steps you must take. The Five Pillars are these steps. Learn what successful business owners already know when you follow Dr Greg Chapman’s advice.

Tony Steven – CEO Council of Small Business of Australia

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