Discover a low cost Solution that will make Businesses want You!

If you are new to business coaching, getting the credibility you need to convince clients that you can help them is difficult. It’s like applying for your first job. Everyone is looking for experience.

Yes you can buy this credibility from a franchise which may set you back up to $100k. But there is now, for the very first time a new alternative.

Empower Business Solutions in association with the Australian Business Coaching Club now offers, for the very first time, high quality, low cost resources that you can use in your business, and create an additional income stream.

Discover New High Quality, Low Cost Resources to:

  • Increase Your Profile
  • Increase Your Enquiries
  • Increase Your Value
  • Increase Your Sales Conversions
  • Increase Your Prices
  • Increase Your Retention
  • Increase Your Profits

A high quality resource will Increase Your Credibility and differentiate you. But low quality or no resources will do the opposite.

Find out how you can access high value, low cost Premium Intellectual Property in an innovative medium that will add to rather than detract from Your Brand.

Empower Business Solutions Comparison with Franchise Coaching Systems

  • You own your brand. When you leave a franchise at the end of a 5 year term, you will need to return everything, often even your clients. You will have no independent reputation.
  • Investment costs are a fraction of the Franchise Systems fees.
  • There are no renewal costs at the end of a franchise term.
  • There are no high monthly charges whether you are busy or not.
  • There is no non-compete term after you leave.
  • There are no long term contracts. You may leave with just one month notice and no exit fees.
  • You own all your clients.
  • You build your own asset completely independent of Empower Business Solutions.

Why pay a 6 figure sum for a brand you can only rent and will never own?

To find out more, please contact Dr Greg Chapman through our enquiry form.