For businesses that are at the Moment of Truth and are ready for Second Youth, the owners know what they don’t know. They understand that it is not necessary to do everything themselves. In fact they would prefer to bring in the experts to just provide the solution they need. Such business are seeking a consulting rather than a coaching solution.

As you would expect, all Empower Business Solutions consulting services are highly customised to the needs of the business, but an idea of the consulting areas are provided below.

Key Services include developing a:

 What are the best business strategies

Marketing Medical

Our Marketing Medical service is designed for Business Owners who want an objective review of their Marketing Strategy and Tactics, are looking for some great new ideas that they can use straight away, and see almost immediate results.  More …..

Sales Pipeline

A well constructed Sales Pipeline can easily double the sales of a business. This is not just about just providing staff sales training, but creating a system that takes a Lead from and enquiry to turning them into a customer. On average, most sales people are average! It is therefore Empower’s philosophy to develop an excellent Sales Pipeline which can be used by average salespeople to attain excellent sales results. That way your business does not depend on one or two sales superstars who could leave (and probably will). More …….

Business Management Systems

Many studies have shown that businesses with weak systems seldom achieve efficiencies above 66%. While 100% efficiency is impossible to achieve, a good system can easily increase efficiency by up to 30%. The financial cost of not having a good business system is obvious. What is not so obvious is the impact of poor systems on your customers. The total profit lost can easily be double this amount when you account for the loss of sales.

A key component of any Business Management System is a Reporting System. This drives business performance and allows a business to run without its owners being there every day. An Operations Manual allows to business to be franchised. This may not mean that the business is formally franchised, but it can mean it can be set up in multiple locations and the business model easily replicated, rather than depending on a few key staff. When staff leave, others can be rapidly trained to fill the gaps. It also provides consistency of service to a businesses customers.

Ultimately a Business Management System turns a business into a Saleable Asset.  More …..

Business Strategy and Advice

Does your business and its management team require a strategic review of its business plan facilitated by an external advisor to objectively determine whether it is on course, or even if the course you are on is the right one? Perhaps as owner you are seeking a mentor to assist you in the better management of your team, to ensure alignment and performance? Developing a Business Planning Process creates an evergreen approach to ensuring a business’ strategy is up to date and highly effective.

Request a private consultation about your Business Planning Process with Dr Greg Chapman.

Staff Performance Incentive Scheme

Staff motivation is a perennial issue in businesses big and small. They just don’t have the same motivations as the owners. Even amongst the staff, there will be a range of attitudes and capabilities. Incentive schemes can be developed that can motivate people at different parts of this spectrum, but they must be transparent and fair. Schemes without these attributes just end up demoralising even your best staff.

Small Business Advisory Boards

Is your business ready for an Advisory Board? Find out how they work. More ….

To find out more about our consulting solutions request a Complimentary Business Evaluation and find out how to:

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 by Helen Chapman