As well as coaching services, Empower Business Solutions has a range of products designed for business owners at different stages of their business lifecycle. The complete list of low cost Five Pillars Business Success Programs can be found here. Great alternatives for those not ready for one-on-one intensive coaching. Also a great way to road test Dr Greg Chapman’s advice before making a greater commitment.

The following books by Dr Greg Chapman are available now.


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Media Interviews

“I congratulate Greg on another quality publication. ” Peter Strong – Executive Director Council of Small Business Australia


Dr Greg Chapman’s signature book, a best seller, and a finalist in the international Indie Business Books awards is: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success.  This book illustrates the fundamental basis of all the coaching of Empower Business Solutions. For many small business owners, it is the “AHA” text they are looking for to diagnose the problems of their business.

“Greg I found your book, The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success an illumination.” Tom Boal


Dr Greg Chapman’s second book Price: How You Can Charge More without Losing Sales is designed for more advanced, well established businesses who are interested in Pricing Strategy. Visit the website to hear an interview with Dr Greg Chapman on pricing strategy.

 Greg’s writing style is so effortlessly read that you fly through the text and go on a journey of information. This book has given me an uncomplicated to understand insight on what many would charge $1,000’s for so that I can increase my profit by working smarter not harder.” Samantha-Jayne Scriven – Roofix Australia



A list of all products, including, low cost coaching alternatives can be found here.