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Increased sales by 400% **** More sales last month than previous six **** Increased turnover by 50% in 3 months **** Doubled our sales conversion rate **** 100% increase in gross profit **** Increased enquiries by 50% **** Increased chargeable rate by 400% **** Increased capacity by 30%


Discover how you can dramatically Increase Your Profits and Make Your Business Run Without You with Dr Greg Chapman's Proven strategies and get our Goal Achievement Manual to implement them.


Apart from business growth, the ultimate objective of successful owners is to create a business that can operate profitably independently of themselves and become a Saleable Asset. If this is not achieved, they just own a job with overheads going nowhere.

After years of research and experience, Dr Chapman discovered that the biggest risk for businesses is not that they will fail, but that they will stay small and they will become Micro-Stayers.

So what does it take to Make Your Business Run without You?
1. A  Business Plan to drive your business growth
2. A Marketing Strategy producing predicable & controllable streams of enquiries
3. A Business Management System that turns your business into a profit machine
4. Motivation to get the most from people within your business &
5. Owner Accountability and discipline with a business that’s run by reports.
As a result you will have:Man on beach with computer.jpg

  • More Time
  • Better Clients
  • Less stress and frustration
  • More Profit with less effort

Certified Master Business Coach and Small Business Consultant, Dr Greg Chapman, is the award winning author of the best selling small business book: The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success. He is a small business advisor who has provided assistance to hundreds of small business owners throughout Australia using these proven strategies. 

Find out now from Dr Chapman how to double your profits in 12 months and make your business run without you.

Why Businesses Stay Small and
What You can Do about Yours

(An Interview of Dr Greg Chapman
by Melbourne Business TV - 8 mins)

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